Client: Activelifestyle Travel Network
An internet travel network.
Project: - A hotel reservation system.
- An airticket agent system.
- An event calendar system.
Task: Developed

Client: CPAC
Project: - An intranet equipment inventory system for Engineering Division.
- A Second-handed equiptment e-commerce site for Engineering Division.
Task: Developed

Client: Debuz
A mobile application developement company.
Project: - WAP and admin section of astrology mobile application.
- Admin section of Toskan game on mobile phone.
- Admin section for CAI (with flash).
- Admin section for mobile application to vote for pretty girls.
- Admin section for mobile quiz game.
Task: DesignedDeveloped

Client: Baan Thai
An Italian/English web site of serviced apartments in Thailand.
Project: Web site design.
Task: DesignedDeveloped

Client: Bigstar Hansaki
Project: - A japanese domestic airticket reservation system.
- A japanese domestic tour package reservation system.
Task: Developed

Designed = Designed Developed = Developed
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